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This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Heyy beautiful people, I want to start by officially welcoming you all to my blog. If you are looking for a blog that can guide you in finding your own personal happiness, be the best you can be, grow spiritually and maybe other aspects of your life and much more, then you have come to the right place. My name is Florence Sheriff but you can call me Flo (let’s make it more personal ). I (think I am) am your average 19,  soon to be 20 years old young lady with flaws and all trying to pursue her dreams and happiness. I was born and raised in a small country in West Africa, known as Sierra Leone (shout out to my motherland). I moved to Canada when I was 11 years old. I’ve lived in this great nation of Canada for almost 9 years. They say Canada is the land of opportunities. I can definitely testify to that. Entering the gates of this country was like starting a journey that will eventually lead to the discovery of the better version of me that I am becoming. It has been a rough and smooth journey all at once. To most it might have seem like I had the perfect life because I am not the type to talk about my personal life or let others see my deep struggles or inner pain. But here I am today sharing a part of me with you guys (let’s keep it real). Hopefully, by sharing some of my life experiences, this will help you guys become the best version of you.

Trinity of the body, soul and spirit

Hello to everyone reading my new blog post!! I hope this post will be a blessing to you as you read it.

Alright, let’s get started. This one is for my ladies out there. Boys can apply it to themselves as well, as the spirit leads lol.

So ladies, let’s say if all that weave, makeup, all your possession, and your circle of friends were taken away and you are left isolated in a little room with nothing but a mirror in front of you. Looking at the mirror, would you be able to identify the person staring at you? That is my question for you today.

You see, if someone would ask me, I’d admit that, yeah, I am chasing perfection. Yes, I do want to be perfect (you can claim that for yourself as well) but not in the same sense that you would normally think of perfection. My idea of perfection is to be at a place where I can truly be 100% myself.  A place where I can laugh about embarrassing moments such as slipping and falling in public, farting unexpectedly, getting lost in space and so forth. The idea is that I don’t have to feel ashamed or feel guilty about anything (with the exception of sinning against God), or feel like I am living for someone, according to their standards or expectations of who they want me to be and how they want me to act. I don’t have to fit into anyone’s box because I am here to accomplish a purpose as destined by God. I don’t have to aspire to become any role model or someone else that is not me. In aspiring to be someone else, I am deciding to give up achieving true fulfillment in being myself.

True fulfillment in life is found when your mind, your body, your spirit and your purpose are one, in harmony. There has to be a balance between your mind, body and you have to lean on your spirit to lead and coach you to accomplish your purpose. To be led by your spirit, you need maturity in the discernment of the spirit and obedience to the voice of the spirit of God every single step along the way. Eventually, that will lead you to real happiness and fulfillment in life and finally finding your purpose in life.

To get to that point of fulfillment, it is very necessary that your mind, body, spirit, and purpose are one. Your mind has got to be your own (do not let anyone or society invade your mind not even the enemy). You have to live and think for yourself and feed every part of your being: your body, mind, and soul. Never be afraid to stand out.

See, I always used to think that I was smart because I used to get good grades in school. As I got older, I began to realize that I wasn’t that smart.


that there is a wisdom beyond myself that I cannot acquire on my own but I needed to tap into. The moment I began to acquire the wisdom that is above all human wisdom, then I realized how little I know. Sometimes, some of us get so carried away with what we know, thinking we know a lot, but in reality, we don’t.  When you acquire true wisdom, you have further insights into many things that many can’t see. Fewer things in life begin to bother/stress you because you have tapped into something bigger than yourself.

Have you ever thought of why someday you look at your reflection and you love what you see and other days you don’t? When we love what we see in the mirror, it is a reflection of the purity of our mind and heart. When what’s on the inside is beautiful, it is reflected in what we see on the outside. When our hearts and mind begin to get polluted with things that are not of God, it is reflected in what we see when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Those are the days we say to ourselves “I look so ugly today”. So the next time you look at yourself in the mirror, check the state of your mind and your heart. The moment you are able to be in a state of purity and love, you begin to see the world through a different lens. You will begin to see the beauty in all things including the beauty in yourself. And then, you will begin to truly love yourself which will enable you to love others. Sometimes we focus so much on making sure our body is in a healthy state while neglecting our mind, which resides in our soul, and our spirit. Can you imagine having an unhealthy spirit? Think about it this way. The body is for the present but the spirit is eternal. You may have the perfect body now but wouldn’t you rather invest in something that will remain forever? Just like how the Father, Son, and Spirit trinity are holy, your body, soul, and spirit must also be in a state of holiness and purity.

In order to discover your true identity in life and live in fullness the life God has given you, it is important to first build a true friendship with yourself. That includes all of you, inside and out and accepting yourself for who you are, both good and bad. For me, this is a work in progress. As I end today’s blog post, I pray the content of this post will inspire and touch someone. In Jesus’ name, Amen!! One love, one peace, one Flo 🙂

Finding God in my escape from him

First thing first, I just want to take the time to honour all those who pastored me and have been a spiritual leader in my life. Through the word of God, you have influenced and helped shaped me into who I am today

Second thing, I want to thank my biological mom for who she is and the upbringing she gave to me. I have never looked up to another human being the way I look up to you and be overwhelmed with so much love and hope. You are definitely sent by God into my life and my greatest inspiration. You have taught me how to be patient with others and how to be a better person. After being told about the pride and joy you felt towards the path I have chosen, God is my only witness in knowing how much I needed to hear those words and how deeply it meant to me. My wish for you (mom) is that you never lose your faith and that God will continue to favor you throughout all your days. Your kind and loving heart may get the best of you sometimes but don’t ever change and may the good Lord reward you for all that you do.

Third thing, I want to thank all the people, friends, strangers, elders, family, etc. that I have met along the way in my life who have been a source of encouragement to me. I could name you guys but that will take forever because there is a lot. Thank you for never giving up on me and for seeing the good in me. May God continue to do mighty works in your life. Your way of living made me want to be a better person and live a Christ fulfilling life. To all the friends that support my walk with God, thank you guys. Thank you for telling me of how proud you are of the person I am becoming. It means the world to me.

Now let me get to the point and share with you guys a bit of my spiritual journey and my life in general. Even though my mom is a Christian and my dad’s side of the family are Muslims, I always went to church with my mom. I mostly went because my mom forced me to and because I enjoyed praise and worship (music is life bruhJ).  I knew there was a God because I saw the things he did for my family but I was never really living for him neither did I really know him. I even had my own bible study at the age of 10 years with a couple of kids in my neighborhood. I remember my little cousin and I were the pastors and they were the congregation. It was fun. We would collect money to buy them candies etc. so yes I always knew God was out there somewhere. I was just too busy trying to handle my battles on my own. I was always in a battle against the world. For some reason, I felt like it was me against the world. Anyways, I am the type of person that always overlooked the work of God in my life and never really took them that seriously. Meaning, after overcoming an obstacle, it was back to being Florence the warrior (which is ironic because my middle name “Konyah” means war child) or Florence the caring, sweet girl (which befits the meaning of my first name Florence meaning flower). Basically, I am the definition of two extremes. Lukewarm, was not part of my personality. Truth is, there are sides of people that we don’t see and that they might not always be aware of  because those sides are restricted from their current circumstances, whatever they may be. That was me. Daily, I discover different sides of me that I never thought I could ever be. Both good and bad. This is why we are in no place to judge anyone. Maya Angelou once said “You cannot judge people because they sin differently than you do”.

Coming to University, I thought it was my escape from everything I was and (almost) everyone I knew. I wanted to make a fresh start for myself. It was my way of letting go of the past and taking charge of my life and be whoever I wanted to be. I was like an unchained beast. Nothing could hold me back. Not my parents or even God. I was free to explore the world like I’ve always dreamed of according to my own terms. Little did I know this adventure would only last a short while because God had different plans. I got so carried away with being lost in the world that it was so unexpected how God got me plugged in at the appointed place where I will find purpose. During those days of living in darkness, I thought I have found happiness. I felt like a rebel but God always has his eye on his sparrow so he never allowed me to cross the boundaries. Life was blissful. But it was happiness without God, which is temporary happiness and just a shadow of the real and genuine happiness.

Since I found God, it has been another journey of itself because even then I still never knew God. The journey of knowing God has just begun.

To all of you out there, if you only know of God but you don’t know Him personally, you better get on this journey of having a real encounter with him. I promise you, you will never be the same.



So, first of all, basically I’ve been thinking of this blogging thing for at least the past two years now. Trust me, I know all about having dreams (multiple in my case) but never working towards achieving them. I mean, they’re just imaginary fascinations that, in the perfect world, would have been a reality. And sometimes we feel like that perfect world is almost impossible because we are bounded by all the things that are limiting us in our lives especially our very self. They say wishes do come true but in my world, the only wishes that have come true so far are the wishes to sleep and so far, they have never failed me yet because sleeping is what I do best. I’m sure like me, some of you out there could also relate. Sleeping is not only one’s enemy but it can prevent your dreams and goals from being fulfilled and it is a chain that needs to be broken. Sometimes, the chains in our lives do not always seem so obvious. They are the simple things that are holding us back in life but that we tend to overlook.


Now that I have set the foundation, let me get to what I really want to talk about today. Like some of you reading this may already know, I am a Christian or at least so I aspire to be and I choose to believe that I am truly, madly, deeply in love with God. I am also trying to build a close relationship with him to the point that we can always count on each other. And oh, another thing that I’m sure is common among many newborn Christians of today that are on fire for God; the desire to be used by God. The only fault in all these desires of mine is that I still want my will to be done instead of God’s will to be done over me. Like honestly, I’ve worked so hard to create an identity for myself that I’m almost proud of and he wants me to start all over from scratch? NAH B!! Actually scratch that. Thing is, God is trying to mould me into someone I do aspire to be but I would rather it be without the brokenness and vulnerability. So most times, I find myself in between God’s will and mine own hence why I always feel so empty on the inside and so stagnant in life. Without even realising it, I am unconsciously challenging God or trying to do what I think is best for me. Honestly, that’s what I’ve always known how to do best other than sleeping and complaining. Therefore, I’m sorry but I have to obey my body at all times and I’ve always been taught to speak my mind which is full of chaos. My mind is lost somewhere between everyone’s expectations and words against what Florence thinks and wants to do. So understand that when I reach my point of breaking out, all my mouth can do is complain.


If you have seen the movie “beyond the lights”, then you have seen a perfect visual of how I interpret my life. There is no better movie that I can relate to. I feel like a bird caged in people’s and ‘’God’s” expectations for me but all I want is freedom to just spread my wings and fly as freely as possible. I want to feel the fresh breeze against my skin and explore the world from different perspectives. I want to sing my heart out like no one is listening and dance under the moonlight till the sun rises. Nothing can express any better how I feel than the song “blackbird”. I want to feel and spread God’s love and just experience genuine happiness and laughter till I cry tears of joy but I have been imprisoned by my own shyness that has somehow turned into an ego. As much as I want to walk in my identity that I have found in God, I struggle daily with the identity I thrived to create for myself. My aspiration is to become all that God wants me to be without letting go of all the unnecessary baggage I’ve acquired for myself thus far. An analogy to what I mean is like a girl getting a hair trim. She trims her hair so it will grow longer, faster and healthier, however, it is not always the easiest decision to make and the process is not easy either but she understands it is necessary, beneficial and important for her hair growth to go to the next level. In awareness of what I am aspiring to be outside the wishes of God, I know in my heart that God wants to give me true meaningful freedom and salvation from all the chains in my life. Although I feel the need to let go of the all those baggage, I am still too scared to take a bold step into the unknown.


                                                                                – Florence Sheriff